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Rethink Coalition Unveils Vision for I-65/I-70 Urban Transformation Project

INDIANAPOLIS – The Rethink Coalition unveils a compelling vision for the future of Indianapolis’s urban infrastructure, presenting new renderings of a recessed I-65/I-70 interstate Inner Loop that promises to reshape the cityscape. The Coalition is sharing the conceptual graphics on its new website, a comprehensive platform designed to engage the public and share information about the transformative initiative:

The newly released renderings showcase Rethink Coalition's innovative approach to urban planning, highlighting a recessed highway that not only addresses traffic challenges while prioritizing community connectivity, equitable development opportunities, green spaces, and quality of life considerations. The renderings offer a glimpse into a future where transportation infrastructure seamlessly integrates with the surrounding environment, fostering walkable, connected, and vibrant urban neighborhoods.

"We believe in the power of collaboration and community input to shape the future of our cities. The new renderings and website are key to helping people understand how we can create a more sustainable and connected urban environment with a holistic approach to transportation design,” said Brenda Freije, President and Chief Executive Officer for the Rethink Coalition. “We invite everyone to explore our vision and join us in reimagining the endless possibilities to propel our city forward," she adds.

Key features of the renderings include:

  • Enhanced traffic flow and reduced environmental impact
  • Inclusive economic development of newly created and under-developed land
  • Thoughtful integration of green spaces and pedestrian-friendly zones
  • Community connectivity through multimodal, walkable treescapes and strategic capping of the recessed interstate
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Indy Chamber's Vice President of Policy and Strategy, Taylor Hughes, encourages the public to explore the new website and possibilities and join the conversation in shaping Indy's thoughtful design and connectivity for generations to come. "The recessed highway concept not only addresses our city's traffic challenges but also opens up opportunities for thoughtful development, community connectivity, and enhanced quality of life. The vision presented in these renderings demonstrates the potential for seamlessly integrating transportation infrastructure with our neighborhoods, creating vibrant urban spaces that prioritize pedestrians, green areas, and equitable economic development."

In conjunction with the release of these renderings, the launch of Rethink Coalition’s new website provides the public with a central hub for information about the project, including FAQs, what other cities around the country are doing with their interstates, and many other resources at the intersection of urban design and interstate systems. Visitors can explore the vision behind the recessed highway, learn about the Coalition's mission, and follow progress on the upcoming USDOT Reconnecting Communities Planning Study focused on the southeast leg of the Inner Loop. The Planning Study will build on two recent studies of the Inner Loop and produce a preliminary technical analysis of design opportunities and constraints in building a cap over the interstate, creating new land and reconnecting neighborhoods.

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